Saturday, January 8, 2011

Infrared Abandoned Train

This was my first attempt at Infrared Photography. I had used very old chemicals (3 years expired but refridgerated) - I probably 'pushed' it a bit too far, but as this was a test roll, it was ok for me to just muck around with it. The results where interesting but very very grainy. Though they looked sharp on the negative, once scanned you definitely

I used a super 720 infrared filter, so dark you can't actually see through the lens and Ilford Sfx 200 film with my Canon AV-1

This train is one of the abandon trains you see in the NZ move 'What becomes of the broken hearted'.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Polaroid Beginners Guide

Happy Pola New Year all.

I hope that everyone is going well. I spent most of my spare time during the holidays changing this site template and also Polaroid Beginners Guide. It sums up everything that I've learned from using polaroid film, mistakes I've made, tips and tricks I've learned.

Its not really written for experts and hopefully its simply enough so that people can easily get started using this awesome photographic medium.

I've been a bit too busy at the moment to take photos - but I hope I'll get the chance this year. In the mean time, I hope to be adding more stuff to the beginners guide here.