Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Dreamscape" Polaprinter Digital to Analogue

Here's another shot converted from digital to analogue. The streaks on the top aren't clouds, but rather expired artifacts from the old old 669 film. The original was transferred to 35mm slide film then tranferred to Polaroid film via a Polaprinter.


  1. Dear parahanga,

    I have a bunch of slides that I would like to transfer on 669. Any advice on a brand of polaprinter that I could maybe rent in Paris ?

    Cheers !

  2. Hi Philippe, thanks for your question. It may actually be easier to buy one than to rent one, i've sseen many alot cheaper on Ebay than what I've paid for here in New Zealand. They are really simple devices, but good fun.

    I'll probably do blog post about the machine sometime, but if you have questions just email me: parahanga @ gmail com. (If you have trouble finding the manual, let me know)

    Here what the machine looks like: