Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Dreamscape" Polaprinter Digital to Analogue

Here's another shot converted from digital to analogue. The streaks on the top aren't clouds, but rather expired artifacts from the old old 669 film. The original was transferred to 35mm slide film then tranferred to Polaroid film via a Polaprinter.

"Danger Wharf" Polaprinter - Digital to Analogue

This was originally a digital photo I took but I had shifted it to a 35mm colour positive slide by Gammatech. The did superb job on converting my digital film to 35mm slides. I really wanted to see how the pictures translated to be transferred to very very expired (7 year old) polaroid 669 film. Here is a sample of the results.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Developing 35mm Film Exposed to saltwater (yes it is possible!)

End of the Beginning
Originally uploaded by Parahanga
2 weeks ago, I was using my lovely Konica Mermaid camera to shoot action figures underwater. Unfortunately, I had somehow dislodged the the waterproof backing while I was underwater, flooding the camera. The camera electronics died and even the film was exposed to salt water.

I thought surely someone out there on the internets who would have posted whether salt watered exposed film was salvageable or not. I couldn't find one.

The film was not able to be rewound by the electric rewind. I opened the camera in the dark. I could feel the salt water on the film. The film was in the camera, exposed to salt water for about a full day. When I eventually decided to take out the film in my darkroom, I felt the saltwater run off the film.

Anyways, I had my Colortec chemicals on hand and decided to give it go. I even push developed the film (going an 45 secondss beyond recommended developing time). I was surprised as anyone to to the see the results - you can go to my Flickr photostream to see the rest of the shots from my now defunct Konica Mermaid.

Open Air Toilet

Bring you own gasmask... taken on AV-1 with self developed fujia superia film.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Develop Colour Film in New Zealand

If you want to develop your film here in New Zealand, its a bit tricky to get the materials. You can special order the colour chemicals from Camera stores, but they charge a premium to do an order for you.

Initially, I thought I could order colour development kits from the USA, as heaps and heaps are available. However, they are not allow to send colour chemicals outside the USA. After a bit of further hunting, I found that the chemicals could be bought from the UK at a fair rate, at least much cheap than special ordering a kit from New Zealand.

Yes, you can send your film to a lab to get developed. Yes, it is cheaper. But where is the fun in that? And what control do you have over the quality?

I developed my first batch of colour film and I was amazed at the results. Despite reading in forums how difficult it is to develop colour film, it was not difficult at all, just more quality control is involved.

Here is a great resource from Youtube that helped me develop my first rolls of colour film.

Skeletal Bath

Shot on Fuji Superia 200 with Canon AV-1.

Sunbathin' Bones

This was shot on Canon AV-1, Fuji Supera Film.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Exhibtion at Albert Park Cafe

For those interested, I have an exhibition of some of my photos at Albert Park Cafe. It will be probably for the next 3 weeks. Below is the map locations and street view of Albert Park Cafe.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Viennese Cemetaries

Here are a few other pictures I took in Vienna - I just developed them. They were take on Canon AV-1, shot on Fuji Superia 200 ASA.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Piggy Props

The first 2 shots where shot on my Canonet Camera - the last on my Macro 5 Polaroid. The pig was also used in previous shots here, here and here.

Whatipu Instax Shots

Before I left to Vienna, I spent a sunset at Whatipu with our instax mini and wide cameras.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Osaka Sunbeams

Another shot from my Konica mermaid, there was nice sunbeam action action going on at Osaka Airport in Japan.

Zentralfriedhof, Wien (Vienna)

Well I am back in Auckland away from a chilly Vienna. Below are a few shots I took with my Konica Mermaid Waterproof camera. This was taken on B & W Agfa film I purchased at the Lomography shop. The location is a massive cemetery called Zentralfriedhof in Simmering District in Vienna.

The images where put on panaramic setting on the camera, the shots were taken while it was beginning to snow (it was handy having a waterproof camera).