Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cutter Rock

Cutter Rock during Sunset at Whatipu Regional Park. 779 Film/One Step Camera with Polarising filter.

Party at the Beach Last Night

Bottles in the sand at Whatipu. 779 film shot with polaroid one step and polarising filter.

Twilight Time

Shot at Whatipu last december - 779 film/ Polaroid one step.

Pigs can bite :o

Went to Butterfly Creek outside the Airport and saw this gentleman dozing off against the sign. Taken on instax mini film,  though I had to adjust the levels to get the sign (written in silver paint to stand out against the light wooden board).

Polaroid Flyers - How to Develop a Picture

Here are some more scans from my 104 land camera:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Polaroid Flyers - Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera

Last year when I bought my land 104 camera, it was include with these flyers, which I scanned in for your viewing pleasure. I've been tempted to send off for some dirt cheap prints in this offer!

The envelope:

This is for the Film Cold Clip Warmer: